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Whitetail Energy Services Inc. (”WESI”) operates in a family oriented environment that takes pride in and lives by all of its core values both at home and work. The company relies heavily on our best in class personnel who’s knowledge base provides a high quality and efficient level of service. We seek out and retain only those that can embrace and personify our core values and therefore understand the very root of our business.

As a service provider in a commodity based industry we need to continually find ways to differentiate WESI from our competition. Our largest asset is our people, whose knowledge and experience along with their commitment to our core values translates to a value added experience for our many customers. Remote communication and accommodation are our specialties and we want to ensure that no matter how remote your workplace, you are connected and communicating clearly and living in a safe and secure environment!

Our Values 1

Relentless performance and connectivity.

Our Values 2

Taking every opportunity to provide our customers with knowledge based solutions in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Values 3

Knowledge Matters | Proud Service | Family | Living Safety | Clear Communication.