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WHITETAIL is proud to offer its time tested and proven, new cutting-edge Lithium-Diesel Hybrid (LDH) Light Towers. These technologically advanced units come equipped with the highest quality LED lighting available powered by a lithium battery cell. A diesel generator primarily supports the lithium battery cell power with secondary support coming from two high efficiency solar panels as required. These units are designed to operate autonomously with automatic GPS locators powering the lights off and on with sunrise and sunset meaning that no battery life is wasted and no manpower is required.

The LDH units have been tested to run at a 7:1 fuel efficiency ratio. This means 7 hours of lithium battery powered lighting time to just 1 hour of diesel generator run time, equating to significant fuel savings for the end user. The 7:1 ratio was calculated with no solar power input; when solar power is utilized the fuel consumption is further decreased creating more cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

These LDH units can also be fully equipped with fully customizable surveillance options such as PTZ cameras, radar tracking and thermal alerting along with instantaneous email and text notification set to the customers preference. This selective real time viewing enhances the safety and security of both manned and unmanned job sites.

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